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A place to find new muse friends


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WELCOME TO friend_a_muse!
MUSE: Are you lonely? Do you want more friends? Are you looking for friends in all the wrong places? Does your f-list look bleak?

MUN: Are you interested in finding other muses to read? Are you looking for other muses in your muse’s fandom? Are you wondering how to get your muse out there more? Do you want your muse to meet new people?

If YES was your answer to any of these, friend_a_muse is the place you are looking for!

Simply read the rules below and follow our simple how-to steps on posting, and get your muse into the big wide world of meeting other muses. Call it their very own personal ad. friend_a_muse acts much like muse friending memes that have been hosted in the past do, however it is ongoing and muses can post or peruse new adverts at any time they wish.
- Any muse can join and don’t need membership approval. There are no limits on duplicate muses and no limits to how many you can join with. Just click to join and you’re on your way.

- Muses of any age, form, time, ability etc. can join.

- All posts are IN-CHARACTER. You may post a small OOC note at the end of your post, but please ensure it is marked as such indicated as an OOC note.

- One post per calendar month per muse, please. You can post for every single one of your muses, but only once per month. The idea is to stop the comm being flooded with duplicate posts and therefore flooding people’s f-lists with the same thing over and over. We are not chat/interaction community, we are merely a launch pad for such. Feel free to post every month, if you wish.

- If you want to respond to the post and meet the advertised muse, do not reply to the post in the friend_a_muse community. Please ensure you click the ‘REPLY TO ME HERE’ link in the muse’s post which will take you to their own personal journal.

- If you want to post pictures with your advert, please put them behind a cut.

- No graphic sexual or violent content, please. We ask that posts are kept to soft R at the very least if your muse is generally particularly sexual or violent.

- All posts must be tagged with the muses’ fandom. Please see below for more info on tagging.

- Only reply to someone you want to get to know or FRIEND. The all-encompassing aim of this comm is to help muses find new friends. Wank happens, but please avoid it like the plague. Don’t just follow someone’s thread to reply to them with wank or abuse. It’s immature and bad RP form.
For ease of finding posts related to specific fandoms, we request that you tag your posts with the fandom that your muse is from. All tags currently with posts can be found HERE. Please note that if your character is an original non-fandom aligned muse, the tag is ‘[fandom] original character’.

On occasion where your muse might fall into two categories [ie. 'X-Men (Comics)' and X-Men (Movies) or 'Historical' and 'Original Character'], please tag with both tags.

Only mods can add new tags. We have already added a large list of the main fandoms to the tag list, however we understand the list can never be exhaustive. If you have a fandom tag you would like added for a fandom we haven’t listed yet, please contact the mods at THIS POST with the fandom and a link to your post so we can add the tag.
Read all the rules and still want in? Please follow our easy step-by-step guide here.

Step One
Join the friend_a_muse community. Please note here that you do not have to WATCH it if you don’t want to, but you do need to be a member to post to it.

Step Three
Make a friend_a_muse post to the MUSES’S JOURNAL that you will link to in your muse advert. This is where people looking to friend your muse will click to reply to you. Replies are not to be made via the comm post. What the post on the muse journal says is up to you, just so long as you have a post on the muse journal for the replies.

Step Three
To post your muse advert, copy and paste from the box below into a new entry to post to the friend_a_muse comm, answering all the questions. Replace the text ‘YOUR JOURNAL LINK HERE’ with the link to the post in your muse journal.

Step Four
Post the advert to friend_a_muse and make sure you have tagged it correctly according to the guidelines above.

Step Five
Sit back and wait for the fun to begin.

Step Six
Peruse the other adverts to see if there is anyone there your muse would like to strike up a conversation with and follow the reply link to their journal if you’re interested.

Remember, only post once per calendar month per muse. This means that every muse can only post a maximum of once per month and therefore you might like to check back each month for new adverts or just add the friend_a_muse comm to your watch list to see any new adverts as they appear.

Have fun and happy muse friending!
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